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I offer my interpretation of the planets' transits each month through our solar system as an insight to your life’s personal choices and changes.

I believe Astrology is a powerful tool for self-change through the understanding of life’s evolving cycles. It is a powerful and useful knowledge to be utilized as a guide but never as a replacement for our gift of free will, choice and personal self expression. Astrology has stood the test of time.  Dating back to Mesopotamia, it is an art and a science. For those who believe no proof is necessary, for those who disbelieve no proof is enough.

My forecast for July 2015 is below.

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Monthly astrological forecast for Aries

Take advantage of early aspects to ‘show off’ who you are and your true capabilities !  An epiphany of sorts may take you by surprise ..and just in the nick of time. Career, credibility and reputation are on the rise…at long last! Family, domestic or residence interests will demand some attention and a curve ball out of left field could rattle you. Later social/romantic trends enjoy an upturn and your popularity will help advance many new opportunities. Month ends on a sweet note under the Full Moon’s potent influence…you have news to share!

Monthly astrological forecast for Gemini

Financial interests continue to take top billing as you review, re-evaluate and juggle money. You take more control of your personal assets and create a new  more secure picture. Decisions and recent choices may come under crossfire mid-month as others raise questions. A new or renewed social/romantic interest will lift your spirits…best to keep it under wraps for now! Later in the month the potent and favorable Full Moon gives a nod of support to recent endeavors related to both love and money…you have reason to celebrate!

Monthly astrological forecast for Leo

Early trends brim with excitement and optimism as recent plans come together and social/romantic trends soar under favorable aspects. Mid-month the New Moon lights your 12th house…a time of reflection and seclusion…perhaps secrets as well! Your domestic arrangements are under crossfire now and an iffy situation reins under your roof. Trying to please the wrong person may be the fly in the ointment…your priorities may need to shift to salvage a twosome! Later the Full Moon illuminates decisive action.

Monthly astrological forecast for Libra

Career, credibility and reputation are fired up under a potent Mar’s influence in your 10th house. Make the most of your time and energy now to advance self and self-interests. A family or domestic concern is highlighted mid-month. Overall the doors that open this month have been in the works for awhile…say yes to advancement and invitations. Friendships and associates brim with opportunity and support. Later the Full Moon may allow you to mix business with pleasures as retrograde ruler Venus arrives at the party!

Monthly astrological forecast for Sagittarius

It’s hard to beat the tremendous promise this month has in store. Career and financial interests loom into prominence  bringing ample rewards your way…promotion or advancement is in the stars as your personal recognition soars! Make time for a short trip, make a property or residence decision and expect legal or financial paperwork in weeks ahead. Later the focus will shift and you’ll find the bluebird of happiness right in your own backyard! The Full Moon further emphasizes financial and emotional security for many.

Monthly astrological forecast for Aquarius

The Full Moon in your 12th house has you quietly and privately taking care of personal interests. Your health will take precedence now and dealings with health and medical personnel will prove fortuitous. Likewise career interests are under the same umbrella now and big changes are brewing! This period ushers in a new beginning in both areas of your life…heed good advice! Mid-month is a tangle of emotions as the past is re-hashed in both areas of your life. Later you turn the corner and recent problems are resolved!

Monthly astrological forecast for Taurus

A flurry of activity attends this month. Travel, communications and residence vie for your time and attention. A short trip is possible and  a domestic spruce up is favored before mid-month. Your living arrangements may be a topic of conversation and love life as well ! This is a good month to mix and mingle, spruce up appearance and otherwise see and be seen. A legal or financial document is highlighted… read the fine print! Later as your ruler Venus retrogrades some of your magic diminishes…only to return.

Monthly astrological forecast for Cancer

Seize the moment is the order of the day as Mar’s transits your Sun sign. This represents a new 2year window of opportunity for personal plans and interests. You launch yourself and self-interests…plot your course and don’t look back! A key alliance may be put to the test and you will ponder what you should continue and what to leave behind, mid-month is stressful as career and domestic demands conflict. The challenging New Moon changes your priorities and the end of the month will bring the cash you need.

Monthly astrological forecast for Virgo

Your popularity and personal appeal are on the rise early this month as many new faces enter your life now. Social connections may hold hidden romantic undertones. An unexpected happening may leave you in disbelief…you are in the right place at the right time! Mid-month Venus retrogrades in your sign…a change of mind or heart? Someone from the past bumps into your life…between now and mid September there is nothing written in stone! Later career accolades brim with promise as your recent accomplishments turn into step stones!

Monthly astrological forecast for Scorpio

Take advantage of early trends to boost career interests, others will take special note at this time. Its important to begin early as Venus retrograde in the 10th house may stall progress temporarily until mid-September! For some a 2nd chance opportunity may re-surface…this time say yes!! Mid-month is stressful and hard to stay focused…try your best as key decisions in your career loom on the horizon. A short trip is favored. Later in the month love life is so-so but family and lived ones help fill a void as you make a key decision.

Monthly astrological forecast for Capricorn

A surge of energy is felt early this month but may be a bit disjointed as several areas of your life beg for time and attention. Key relationships may be strained under testy aspects and keeping the peace may prove challenging. Creative or artistic expression enjoy an upturn and an unexpected windfall arrives just in the nick of time. Financial trends need careful attention as a Venus retrograde may stall your financial progress OR put unexpected money into your pocket! Let’s hope for the later as Saturn’s support makes a comeback.

Monthly astrological forecast for Pisces

This is a packed month for you…happenings in several areas of your life will set a hectic pace! Social/romantic trends pick up steam and others are simply drawn to you these days. Children and younger people flourish in weeks ahead as you make key decisions and choices. Mid-month demands careful handling as another’s interference upsets the status quo…partnerships feel strained. Later under a powerful and potent Full Moon career is front and center…you must stay on top of things or you risk a loss…something from the past may rescue you!!

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